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Oil Paintings

Oil paint is a form of slow drying paint that consists particles of pigment suspended in drying oil that forms a tough, coloured film when exposed to air. Oil paints blend well with each other making subtle variations of colour, possible. It has created a significant impact on the development of painting as a visual art form.

Keeping wooden and bronze statues and sculptures at home and place of work is believed to bring peace, harmony and calmness to the environment. The space harmonizes relationships and keeps us positive and repels negativity. In other words, they are the harbinger of positivity for a place. They make the people happier and bring out the good in them. The place becomes more spirited and livable. Among other things, they are symbolic icons of peace, knowledge, wealth, prosperity and progress. Though these are man-made, the materials in them are not made by man. The raw materials and other ingredients are purely natural. That make them unique.

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