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Panchaloha Pradosha Nandi Sculpture

Nandikeshwarar is the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Shiva and can be seen in all Shiva temples sitting in front of the Lord and seeing him. His significance is such that ‘abhishekam’ is performed on him on every ’Pradosham’ – an auspicious day that falls twice in a month. People gather in large number on this day between 4:30 and 6 in the evening to witness this event.

        Nandikeshwar is seated on a lotus peetam with four legs folded and facing his master Lord Shiva. The head of Nandikeshwarar is slightly tilted to get a clear view of Lord. There is a big chain of bells in the neck in addition to many golden chains. A similar designed chain also adorns his back. There is a beautiful cloth over the body with intricate designs in it.

Panchaloha Pradosha Nandi

Panchaloha Pradosha Nandi 1
Panchaloha Pradosha Nandi 2
Panchaloha Pradosha Nandi 3

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